Calvert County’s 300th Birthday edition of the Calvert Independent September 23, 1954

The “Calvert County, Maryland Tercentenary,” a 1954 bound edition of  clippings and sections of the September 23, 1954 Calvert Independent, can be found  in the reference section of all Calvert Library locations. 


Calvert Independent 300 pg 23

  • (1930s-1954)
  • Calvert County History (continued from page 22)
  • Hurricane of 1933 Brought Havoc and Ruin to Bayside Waterfronts
  • Highways System of Calvert County Improved by 1936
  • Negroes in Calvert County Always Treated Well
  • United States Navy and Marines Descended Upon County in 1942
  • Amphibious Training Base (ATB) at Dowell Established in 1942
  • ATB Has Disastrous Effects Upon Water Supply of Solomons
  • Navy Mine Test Station on Point Patience Established in 1942
  • Underwater Explosive Experiments Did Not Harm Fisheries of Patuxent
  • Patuxent Naval Air Test Center Constructed in 1941
  • Immigration of Navy Has Brought Great Changes to Calvert County
  • Amphibious Training Base, Closed in 1945, Bought by State of Maryland
  • Population of Calvert County Past, Present, and Future

Calvert Independent 300 pg 22

  • (1890s-1920s)
  • Calvert County History (continued from page 21)
  • Many Roads Built in Calvert County Up to 1899
  • Farm Buildings of Calvert county Unchanged Since Late 1800’s
  • Farming in Calvert County in 1900 Contributed Little to State
  • Great Dewey Dry Dock Tested in Drum Point Harbor in 1905
  • Solomons Island Bridge Rebuilt to Connect with Mainland in 1907
  • Forests of Calvert County Important Before World War I
  • Public Health Service for Sailors and Mariners Set Up in Solomons in 1892
  • German Passenger Liners Interned in Patuxent River
  • Calvert County Men in World War I Commemorated in Bronze at County Seat
  • Showboat Visited Solomons During 1920’s
  • High School Students Attended Classes in Motor Launch in 1920’s
  • Calvert County Towns Become More Accessible During 1930’s
  • Chesapeake Biological Laboratory Located at Solomons in 1922

Calvert Independent 300 pg 21

  • (1860s-1890s)
  • Calvert County History (continued from page 20)
  • Civil War Brought Changes in Calvert County From 1860 to 1865
  • Calvert County Attended Convention Concerning Registration Law in 1866
  • Village of Solomons Settled in 1867 by Captain Isaac Solomon
  • Shipbuilding Was an Important Industry After Civil War
  • “Spanish Mansion” at Drum Point Settled After Civil War
  • Oyster High-Jackers’ Activity in 1880’s
  • Calvert County Showed Definite Partisanship in Important Elections
  • 1867 Votes Cast for Governor of Maryland
  • Worked in Calvert County in 1882 Commercially
  • Prince Frederick was Swept by Fire in 1882 and County Records were lost
  • Map of Calvert County Area Quite Advanced in 1890
  • Solomons’ Suburb Started During the Johnstown Flood of 1889
  • Solomons was Incorporated in 1892, But it is Not Functioning as Such
  • Weather Station Set Up at Solomons By Dr. William Henry Marsh in 1892

Calvert Independent 300 pg 20

  • (1812-1865)
  • Calvert County History (continued from page 19)
  • British Marched into and Burned Washington D.C. from Patuxent Landing August 24, 1814
  • Miscellaneous Happenings During the War of 1812-1814
  • Roger Brooke Taney Announced His Anti-Slavery Decisions in 1818
  • Conditions of Calvert County from 1800 to 1840
  • Calvert County Tournaments Began About 1845
  • Calvert County Participated in Constitutional Convention in State in 1850
  • Prelude to the Civil War in Maryland
  • Calvert County Threatened by Confederates in Bay in 1861
  • Draft of 1862 Included Calvert County; No Volunteers from Calvert County
  • Recruiting Station for Negro Troops Set Up at Lower Marlboro, Calvert County
  • Calvert County was Against the Abolition of Slavery in 1864
  • Slavery Abolished in Maryland by Convention on April 27, 1864
  • Calvert County Votes Against Lincoln in Presidential Election in 1864
  • Sons of Calvert County Served in Many Battles Between 1863 and 1865

Calvert Independent 300 pg 19

  • (1790s-1814)
  • Calvert County History (continued from page 18)
  • Maps Beginning From 1735 to the Present Become More Accurate
  • Thomas John Claggett Made Bishop of Episcopal Church in 1792
  • Calvert County Justices Appointed in 1790
  • Roger Brooke Taney, Born in Calvert County, Left to Study Law in 1796
  • Miles Taney – John Magruder Duel Fought on Taney Place
  • Michael Taney Moves to Take Away Property Qualifications for Maryland Office
  • Election Districts of Calvert County Set in 1798
  • Years Preceding War of 1812 were Uneventful in County
  • Joseph Kent, Born in Calvert County, Helped in Formal Declaration
  • of War in 1812
  • Commodore Joshua Barney Made History in Patuxent River and
  • Calvert County in 1814
  • Engagement in St. Leonard’s Creek Began on June 1, 1814
  • Barney Fought Mild Engagements on June 7-9, 1814
  • Barney Scored Victory in St. Leonard Creek on June 10, 1814
  • Barney is Beset with Many Troubles While Blockaded in St. Leonard’s Creek
  • Blockade in St. Leonard’s Creek of Barney’s Flotilla on June 26, 1814
  • Calvert County Ravaged and Plundered After June 10, 1814 Naval Engagement
  • Barney Patrolled Upper Patuxent River Until August 20, 1814
  • Calvert County Courthouse Destroyed by British Between July 13 and 23, 1814

Calvert Independent 300 pg 18

  • (1770s-1780s)
  • Calvert County History (continued from page 17)
  • Calvert Countians Participate in the Continental Congress in 1774
  • Calvert County Contributes to a State Militia
  • End of Proprietary Rule in Maryland
  • Militia Organized in Calvert County County to Protect It From Danger
  • War in the Patuxent River and Chesapeake Bay During the Revolution
  • Independence and Statehood for Maryland
  • Rezin Beall Considered Unpopular Leader
  • Calvert Countians Helped to Pay Price for Liberty
  • Calvert County Prepared for Invasion by Lord Cornwallis in 1777
  • New Maryland Government
  • Thomas Johnson, First Maryland Governor, was Born in Calvert County in 1732
  • Calvert County Contributed Heavily to Expenses of War
  • Calvert County Helped to Feed Troops in 1780
  • Thomas Johnson Succeeded by Thomas Sim Lee in 1779
  • Americans Vessels Blockaded in Patuxent River in 1780
  • British Burned and Destroyed Rousby Hall and Other Calvert County homes in 1780
    Americans Captured British Vessel Off Patuxent Mouth in 1781
  • Benjamin Mackall’s Home Destroyed by British in 1783
  • State Constitution Drawn Up Beginning in 1784
  • Maryland Ratifies the Constitution in 1788
  • Thomas Gantt Helped Draft the Bill of Rights in 1789

Calvert Independent 300 pg 17

  • (1720s-1770s)
  • Calvert County History (continued from page 16)
  • First School in Calvert County was Academy at Lower Marlborough
  • Prince Frederick Became County Seat in 1725
  • Calvert Countians in the General Assembly in 1745
  • Merchandizing in the Patuxent River Area in 1745
  • Rousby Hall was One of Calvert County’s Famous Homes
  • Christopher Rousby, Thorn in Side of Third Lord Baltimore
  • Fitzhugh’s Strange Marriage Proposal to the Widow of John Rousby
  • Cosmo Mackenzie Settled on Calvert Cliffs in 1746
  • French Acadians Settle in Calvert County in 1755
  • Calvert County Contributed Little to the French and Indian Wars in 1754
  • Agriculture in Calvert County Before Revolution was Primitive
  • Socio-Economics of Calvert County Provided Little Prosperity
  • Living Conditions in Calvert County was Different from City Life
  • Calvert County Helps Boston After the Fire of 1760
  • Calvert Countians Became Disturbed by Further Taxes
  • Frederick, Sixth Lord Baltimore, Sold All His Plantations in
  • Calvert County in 1766
  • Calvert County Supports Charlotte Hall Academy Beginning in 1773

Calvert Independent 300 pg 16

  • (1690s-1720s)
  • Calvert County History (continued from page 15)
  • Capital Moved From St. Mary’s to Annapolis in 1694
  • Churches of Calvert County Began in 1691
  • Calvert County Associated With First Free School of Colony
  • Mail Route Passed Through Calvert County Beginning in 1695
  • Catholics Aid Calvert During Epidemic in 1696
  • Miscellaneous Happenings in 1699
  • Width of Roads in Calvert County Set at 20 Feet in 1704
  • Persecution of Catholics in Calvert County in 1704
  • Indented Servants in Calvert County
  • Negro Slaves in Calvert County
  • First Schools in Calvert County Legislated for in 1723

Calvert Independent 300 pg 15

  • (1670s-1680s)
  • Calvert County History (continued from page 14)
  • Augustine Herriman’s Map Includes Accurate Outline of County in 1670
  • Shipping in the Patuxent River in 1671
  • George Fox the Quaker Enters Patuxent River in 1672
  • Calvert County Physician Poisoned Governor and Legislators in 1678
  • Maidstone Home Built in 1678
  • Bond Castle Built About 1680
  • Emigration from Calvert County
  • First County Seat at Battletown, or Calverton, in 1683
  • Mary Taney Appeals for Spiritual Leaders in 1686
  • Michael Taney, Sheriff of Calvert County, and the Rebellion of 1689

Calvert Independent 300 pg 14

  • Calvert County History (continued from page 13)
  • Expansion in Calvert County 1650-1675
  • Fish and Game Abounded in Calvert County
  • Fishing Rights
  • Court Days at Patuxent, Calvert County
  • Murder in Calvert County
  • First Jury of Women in the Maryland Colony
  • The Case of Doctor Lumbrozo
  • Woman Draws a Distorted Map of Calvert County
  • Meeting at the Patuxent in 1659 Averts War Between Maryland and
  • New Netherland
  • The Quakers in Calvert County in 1658
  • Mattapani in St. Mary’s County Closely Associated With county history
  • George Alsop’s Map is Published in 1666
  • Beginning of Highways in Calvert County

Calvert Independent 300 pg 13

  • (1650s) (1820s Boundary Dispute Also Mentioned Briefly)
  • Calvert County History (continued from page 11)
  • Supplementary Law Passed in 1823 to Further Settle Dispute
  • Claiborne Makes a Treaty with Hostile Indians
  • Claiborne Overthrows Governor William Stone in 1652 and 1654
  • Governor William Stone was Finally Forced to Lay Down His Power
  • First General Assembly of Maryland Under New Regime at
  • Preston-On-The-Patuxent
  • Transactions at Preston’ Home were Many and Varied
  • Warfare on the Site of Calvert County in 1655
  • John Hammond Seizes Official Records at Preston’s Home Early in 1655
  • Governor Stone’s Men Attacked Preston-On-The-Patuxent in 1655
  • Warfare on the Severn River Between the Catholics and Puritans in 1655
  • Lord Baltimore Finally Gets Back Government From Puritans in 1658
  • Richard Preston Remained a Public Figure in Affairs of the Colony
  • The Calvert Family, Namesake of Calvert County
  • The Earliest Calvert County Homes
  • Calvert Countians Clear and Cultivate Wooded Areas

Calvert Independent 300 pg 11

  • (1649-1650s) (1820s Boundary Dispute Also Mentioned Briefly)
  • Calvert County History (continued from page 9)
  • Preston-on-the-Patuxent Versus Charles Gift
  • Richard Preston Made Much History in Calvert County
  • Preston Made History in Maryland
  • Background to Puritan Versus Catholic Differences
  • Calvert County Founded in July, 1654
  • Name of “Patuxent County” Lasted Only About Four Years
  • Calvert and Anne Arundel Counties Engaged in Boundary
  • Dispute During 1820’s
  • Celebration Ad: Prince Frederick Department Store

Calvert Independent 300 pg 9

  • Calvert History (continued from page 8)
  • Captain John Smith and the Indians in 1608
  • Early Exploration of Calvert County
  • Calvert Cliffs were Originally Called “Riccards Cliftes”
  • John Pory and Estinien Moll Visited Calvert County in 1621
  • John Pory Meets Hostile Indians
  • King of Patuxent Indians at Guest of Governor Leonard Calvert and
  • Sir John Harvey
  • William Claiborne Tries to Prejudice Patuxent Indians
  • Lord Baltimore Map Made in 1635 Shows Outlines of Calvert County
  • Clairborne’s Men are Participant in First Belligerent Action in
  • Patuxent River in 1635
  • Proclamation of Peace from St. Mary’s with Patuxent Indians in 1639
  • Father Andrew White Lives With Indians on Banks of Patuxent in 1639
  • Oldest House in Calvert County, “Cross Manor,” Built About 1643
  • Fort Constructed Near Patuxent River by Colonists
  • Puritans From Virginia Find Refuge in Maryland Colony
  • Robert Brooke Moved to Battle Creek Area in 1652
  • Activities at Preston-on-the-Patuxent: One of the Most Important
  • Chapters in the History of Calvert County