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New Twin Beaches Branch2022-06-06T12:11:09-04:00

From Carrie Willson, Calvert Library Executive Director

We could not be more excited about plans for the new Calvert Library Twin Beaches Branch! This page will reflect progress updates and general timelines for the project.

Colimore Architects was awarded a contract for architecture and engineering for the new Twin Beaches Branch in February of 2020. Colimore contracted with HBM Architects to do the library-specific design for the project. Groundbreaking took place in spring of 2022 and the new library should be complete in winter of 2024. The new branch in North Beach will be nearly four times the size of the current space at the Captain’s Quarters in Chesapeake Beach. It will have a large meeting room that can be subdivided into two smaller 50-person meeting rooms, study space, a maker space, dedicated children’s and teen spaces as well as terraces with a view of the bay. We’re very excited to be bringing this 21st century library to life in the Twin Beaches community!

exterior design view of new Twin Beaches Branch building



If you can’t at this time install solar panels, will you make sure the roof structure is designed to support them?2021-01-14T14:09:35-05:00

The roof structure will be capable of supporting future solar panels on the south facing slope of the butterfly roof.

Solar panels are well suited for south-facing portion of roof. Will they be included?2021-01-14T14:08:50-05:00

Early investigation determined that the return on the investment for solar power was insufficient to be economically feasible for the project.

Will there be a place to plug in electric vehicles?2021-01-14T14:08:22-05:00

We are investigating grant opportunities to fund installation of an EV Charger. The under-building parking is being wired to support this.

Will the night lighting be night sky friendly?2021-01-14T14:07:54-05:00

All exterior lighting will be night sky friendly.

Will there be a green roof?2021-01-14T14:07:28-05:00

The design does not include a green roof. It is not required for stormwater management as per our civil engineer’s design, and would be a considerable added expense not currently in our budget.

Are you pursuing a LEED certification?2021-01-14T14:06:58-05:00

The building will be built with LEED practices in mind but will not be certified. That is an added expense that we are not budgeting for. We are however, aiming for at least LEED Silver.

Will you be utilizing “green” landscaping?2021-01-14T14:06:22-05:00

Yes, when practicable.

Will we be able to include bird-safe glass?2021-01-14T14:05:19-05:00

We will follow recommendations from US Green Building Council for bird safe glass. A required percentage of the glass will be patterned (small line or dot pattern) to deter birds.

Is the terrace child safe?2021-01-14T14:04:38-05:00

Yes, the terrace railings will be child-safe.

Is the color of the outside still being considered or is it definitely wood?2021-01-14T14:03:56-05:00

Current design is a weathered gray wood-look siding. This is a through-body color to prevent scarring from scratches and prevent fading. The design team is assembling their selected exterior materials including the siding, structural wood members and wood soffit material for presentation to the Town. The selected color is not final until approved by the Town.

Is the siding “fake wood”?2021-01-14T14:03:23-05:00

The exterior material is fiber cement planks installed with a horizontal reveal to simulate shiplap siding.

Not sure the building fits in with the surrounding buildings.2021-01-14T14:02:55-05:00

The intent of the design was not to “match” other buildings in town but to compliment the surrounding community. North Beach has an eclectic mix of styles and we want the library to stand out as a destination for customers and tourists who will use the facility.

What is the timetable? when will it open? Grand Opening is planned for Winter of 2024.2022-05-05T17:24:06-04:00

Grand Opening is planned for Winter of 2024.

When is construction to begin?2021-12-14T16:57:18-05:00

Construction is slated to begin in Spring of 2022.

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