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From Carrie Willson, Calvert Library Executive Director

The new Calvert Library Twin Beaches Branch is on schedule to open in the Spring of 2024. We are eagerly awaiting this new chapter and we are excited about all of the new services and opportunities that will be available at this branch. Stay up to date on the progress of the construction project by watching the videos and photos posted below! Or just drive by and see for yourself!


  • 18,000 square foot space – 4x the current branch
  • Flexible meeting room – space for 100 or 2 spaces for 50
  • Community gathering and exhibit spaces
  • Remote working and study rooms
  • 25+ public computers and laptops
  • More loanable hotspots and Chromebooks
  • Wi-Fi throughout the building
  • Workforce development support
  • Porch & terrace with views of the Chesapeake Bay
  • Imagination Station: interactive play area for children to develop crucial early learning skills
  • Entertaining and educational community events
  • Community health, food insecurity initiatives
  • Early literacy education
  • Mobile Teaching Kitchen
  • Makerspace
  • Sound Booth for podcasting and recording
  • Memory Lab with digitization equipment
  • 24/7 accessible pick-up lockers for holds
  • Parking under the building
  • New and expanded programming
  • 60,000+ visitors expected annually



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INTERIOR & EXTERIOR BLUEPRINTS – click picture to see all blueprints

pic of part of blueprint for new Twin Beaches Branch


Will the new library be accessible to enter?2023-03-28T11:34:38-04:00

Yes!  An elevator to the second and third floors can be accessed from the front of the building on Chesapeake Avenue. 

Why are you raising money for the project? Are you over budget?2023-03-27T10:57:09-04:00

The project is not over budget—the building and furniture are fully funded, but the Calvert Library Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, is leading a capital campaign to outfit the new building with extras like a maker space and podcasting booth that will bring innovative technology and opportunity to the citizens of Calvert County.  

Where will we park to visit the new library?2023-03-27T10:55:59-04:00

There will be dedicated parking on the ground floor of the new library building to supplement parking around the town of North Beach.  In addition, there will be several handicap spaces in front of the building on Chesapeake Avenue.  This parking will be earmarked for library customers during open hours, but will be available for public parking when the library is closed. 

Where is the new library being built? When will it be open?2023-03-27T10:55:09-04:00

The new Twin Beaches branch is being built on the corner of Chesapeake Avenue and 5th Street in North Beach. Projected opening is late winter or early spring of 2024. 

What will happen to the current library location?2023-03-27T10:56:22-04:00

All staff and services in the current branch in Chesapeake Beach will move to the new space in North Beach upon opening. The library’s current home is leased space—it will be up to the owners to determine how the space will be used going forward.  

What does the Foundation hope to purchase with the funds raised?2023-03-27T10:57:31-04:00

The new Twin Beaches Branch of Calvert Library will feature technology and services including a maker space outfitted for science, art and technology, a memory lab with digitization equipment and a podcasting booth where library users can host their own podcast, meet with clients, conduct an interview, collect family stories or engage in another creative venture. Additionally, dedicated children’s and teen areas will provide space for young people from babies to teens to engage in learning and gathering opportunities supporting their social, emotional and intellectual growth. 

How can I donate to the capital campaign? How can I make sure that my donation goes specifically to this project?2023-03-27T11:00:19-04:00

The Calvert Library Foundation happily accepts donations to support Calvert Library projects and its mission through its General Campaign Fund. The Foundation has also set up a Twin Beaches Fund that will be specifically earmarked for additional services and features of the new Twin Beaches Branch. For more information or to make a donation specific to the Twin Beaches project, please visit  the Twin Beaches Branch webpage, click donate and change “General Campaign Fund” to “Twin Beaches Fund.” 

How big will the new library be?2023-03-27T10:55:35-04:00

The new branch will be 18,000 square feet—almost four times the size of the current Twin Beaches branch. There will be three floors—parking on the groundfloor and two floors of library space above. The second floor (main level) will feature a 100seat meeting room, group and study spaces, public computers and the adult collection. The third-floor features children’s and teen spaces with a program room and maker space. 

Are you worried about flooding?2023-03-27T10:56:47-04:00

The building has been designed to allay the risk of flooding by raising the main floor of the building ten feet above the flood plain with a ground floor parking area designed to drain quickly and effectively.  Additionally, the town of North Beach has made concerted efforts to improve pump stations and other infrastructure to mitigate the risk of flood damage for buildings throughout town. 

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