Why volunteer?

  • Build professional experience
  • Meet new people
  • Give back to your community
  • Gain satisfaction in a job well done
  • Keep your brain sharp
  • If you would like to contribute your unique talents to the library, fill out our Volunteer Application and contact your local branch.

Support the library

  • With the help of our volunteers, we know that we can “inspire possibility” through the high-quality services, resources, events, classes and support we provide our community. The level of service we aim for would not be possible without the contribution of time and talent from our volunteers.
  • Volunteers assist staff members, advocate for the library, contribute to the success of library events and classes and bring new talents to the organization.
  • Volunteers also contribute greatly to the positive image the community holds of the library.


Calvert Library volunteer Martha

Volunteer Job Descriptions

  • Marketing Support: Help make our community fully aware of the outstanding collections, services, events and classes Calvert Library offers.
  • Event Support: Help Calvert Library offer and document transformational classes and events for our community.
  • Technology Coach: Help Calvert Library bridge the digital divide and change lives by teaching basic and intermediate technology skills. Make information accessible to all!
  • Circulation Support: To help the library make an attractive, relevant, current collection of materials easily accessible to our community. To get library materials to library customers in a timely, efficient manner.
  • Children’s Department Support: Increase Calvert County early literacy rates and school success by supporting library projects in this area.
  • Administration Support: To help strengthen Calvert Library’s connection to the community.
  • Oral History Interview Coordinator: Facilitate the collection of Calvert County history through oral history interviews.
  • Oral History Transcriptionist: Facilitate high quality and accessible Calvert County oral history interviews.
  • Oral History Reviewer: Facilitate high quality and accessible Calvert County oral history interviews.

Volunteer Customer Service Training Video

Calvert Library is happy to welcome you to our organization.