Art in the StacksArt in the Stacks is an exciting, dynamic display of art. New exhibits appear every three months at all Calvert Library locations. The intent of the designated spaces (9 spaces in Prince Frederick, 4 spaces at Fairview Branch, 10 spaces at Southern Branch and 1 wall at Twin Beaches Branch) is to showcase the artists of Southern Maryland and/or artwork which has Southern Maryland themes. Professional, emerging and student artists are invited to exhibit. Individual artists as well as groups of artists may participate. All art must be appropriate for family viewing.

Art in the Stacks began in 2012 and has met rave reviews. Each new show decorates the libraries with its own special style. Acrylics, oils, photography, pencil and chalk have all adorned the library’s walls. Executive Director Carrie Willson remarked, ”As a citizen in Calvert County who spends a lot of time in the library, I am delighted to be exposed to so many talented local artists!”
For more information and applications contact:

Art Coordinator for Calvert Library Prince Frederick, Teresa Piovesan

Art Coordinator for Calvert Library Fairview Branch, Lisa Tassa

Art Coordinator for Calvert Library Southern Branch, Renee Stadelman

Art Coordinator at Calvert Library Twin Beaches Branch, Nicole Hurley